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Some basic info on the two most popular names to be mentioned  thus far. Feel free to comment on which coach you think is the most worthy heir to the throne of Bill Lynch. The first post deals with the two most popular names brought up so far;  San Diego State’s Brady Hoke and former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach.

Brady Hoke
Current University: San Diego State
Division 1 Record: 46-50 (34-38 at Ball State and 12-12 at San Diego State)
Coaching History: 1981–1982: Yorktown (IN) High School
1983: Grand Valley State(DL)
1984–1986: Western Michigan (DL)
1987–1989: Toledo(LB)
1989–1994: Oregon State(DL)
1995–2002: Michigan(DL)
2003–2008: Ball State
2009-Present: San Diego State
Current Salary:
According the San Diego Union-Tribune, Hoke’s salary is currently $700,000 but San Diego State is reportedly also working on a “retention package” because of attention Hoke has received from Minnesota.

Mike’s Take: Hoke is the obvious answer if IU can get him, but IU will have to outbid Minnesota, San Diego State, and possibly Michigan for the right to hire him. Especially if the Michigan job opens up, Hoke could pretty much hold out until some job opportunities begin to move on, and if IU is stuck waiting for him and ultimately loses him, it would be doubly damaging. Though Indiana AD Fred Glass said, “It’s more important to get this right, than to get it fast,” it’s still important to find the guy IU wants and get it done as quickly as possible.

Mike Leach
Current Employer: CBS College Sports
Division 1Record: 84-43
Coaching History:

1987: Cal Poly
1988: COD
1989: Pori Bears
1989–1991: Iowa Wesleyan(OC)
1992–1996: Valdosta State(OC)
1997–1998: University of Kentucky(OC)
1999: Oklahoma (OC)
2000–2009: Texas Tech
Current Salary: No way of knowing his salary at CBS College Sports but in his final year at Texas Tech, Leach was paid a base salary of $300,000 and a guaranteed outside income of $1,600,000. I assume it would take something close to that for Leach to give up a cush announcing job.

Mike’s Take: He’s certainly the most popular name among the IU fanbase, but I doubt this will happen. For the money it would take to hire him, I don’t think IU’s administration would be too keen on a coach who so publically clashed with his last Athletic Director.

*Unless otherwise noted, the information for these bios comes from or  Please let me know if there is any inaccurate information.

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