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  • Scott


    This is FANTASTIC!

    In honor of this, I will now sign off all future CrimsonCast Podcasts with, “Until next time, keep your gum in your mouth”.

    Hopefully you will provide us with a song for the basketball team!

  • Glad you like it I put a good amount of work in to it. If this one does well there shall be a basketball song as well undoubtedly…

    anxious to know what everybody thinks

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  • Katie

    Jeff, I loved it! Can’t wait to hear the basketball version.

  • Courtney

    This might be the greatest song ever. Jeff–are you the one rapping in the video?

    The part about Matt Canada made my absolute life. I’m glad you agree with my Canada philosophy.

  • yep thats me on the whole song…not a matt canada fan at all 🙂

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