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  • Ross

    Now, I don’t buy all the excuses for this year. (Who knows, maybe Guy-Marc Michel will average a double-double for the Anaheim Kings next year.) But one excuse that is understated is the difficulty of the Big Ten. Right now, a majority of the league is just a little better than IU. What if teams #4-#6 were a lot better, and teams #7-9 were equally worse? We’d have gotten blown out a lot more often, but we’d also have had several more winnable games. The Big Ten may be bracketologically disappointing, but it is very difficult for a rebuilding team.

    So, yes, the record should improve next year just by shifts in the Big Ten. That’s partially why talk of the NIT makes me so angry. This team should expect to win three or four more conference games next year *before you consider any improvement*. As somewhat of an apologist for this year, I think expectations are way too low for next year.

  • bornhoosierfan

    I am a regular over at ITH and I am being killed for questioning Crean and his “systems”. This is driving me crazy the absolute blind faith that is being put into this man. For one of the smartest fan bases in the country we sure are pretty easily manipulated. People are acting like my expectations are unrealistic. What the hell? I just don’t think we should have a worse record this year than last and don’t think we should still be the last place team. More than anything I am upset about the road/neutral games that we cannot win. 1-26…..not good enough.

  • Mike

    @bornhoosierfan You certainly won’t be killed by me. I understand the frustrations. Despite the fact that most of my writing shows me to be an apologist, I too am disappointed with how the season has turned out. Whether through bad coaching, bad players, bad luck, or a combination of all three, the team has underperformed my expectations this year.
    What I generally try to do is provide some perspective to the gloom and doom. I think IU will be better next year. I think the rest of the conference will regress. What is undetermined is how many teams IU can vault past because of this.

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