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  • Scott

    I’m bookmarking this post. So next year, if we don’t make the NIT, you aren’t allowed to move your expectations and be happy about it.

  • B__Richardson

    I think people need to move away from a “years” based strategy and look at the pieces. Our lone senior was awful. We have 5 jrs, 2 of which are walk-ons, one who can only shoot 3’s, a stiff, and one good player. Our soph class is promising, but 2 of the 3 had injuries. Jordy, Watford, an Oladipo give us something to build on but we need somebody…ANYBODY who can do something in the paint. Zeller will be the first person remotely qualified to do that, but he will be a frosh. Given the circumstances, I judge in 2 years.

    • Galen

      The problems of this team have far less to do with talent and far more to do with culture. And that’s something that HAS to be enforced by the coaching staff — and has frankly not been, for reasons that defy explanation. You want us to look at pieces, yet there have been teams with far worse pieces who have played far better than our team did this year.

      The idea that it takes five-plus years to build a solid team culture is ridiculous.

  • Galen

    Mike, you’ve always had a burning hatred for the NIT. I still have a yellowed copy of your “The N-I-T should be N-O-T” IDS column from 1999. I knew this would bring the critic out in you!

  • Ross

    I see upside that points to improvement in Year 4, and I saw baffling coaching decisions that demand correction in Year 4. Either way, it’s Year 4 and it’s Indiana. It’s time to make the tournament.

  • Mike Petry

    I’m beyond concerned that there is still evidence of the columns I wrote at the IDS. Thank goodness no one will ever find out that column where I wrote that the Reds obtaining Ken Griffey Jr was the move to put the Reds over the top.

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