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  • Mike

    Absolutely terrible. The worst part about it is the skill position players played better than I expected. EWB wasn’t perfect, but he was better than I expected. The secondary had some holes, but when the QB has absolutely all day to throw, something is bound to open up.

  • Galen

    It was a strange game. It’s almost as if at halftime, the offensive line noticed how bad the defensive line was playing and said “Hey, we can play even worse!”.

    I thought there were two main coaching errors:

    – Not going primarily to the short passing game in the second half
    – Going for it on 4th down at the start of the 4th quarter

    I also question why we kept trying to force that swing pass when it obviously wasn’t working.

    But frankly, the primary issues with our loss to Ball State can be found in the insane lack of talent we have on defense. This is what happens when you hire a MAC coach like Lynch and let him recruit for 4 years — you end up with that level of talent. When we’re playing 8-10 true freshmen in a game, you’ve got serious serious problems, and that’s exactly what happened last night.

  • Mike Petry

    I was for the decision to go for it.
    The defense to that point hadn’t proven that it could make a stop, so I thought IU was better off going for the touchdown.
    In the event that you don’t pick up the first down, at least Ball State has a longer field to drive.
    I’m not sure down 4, Ball State with the ball at the 25 is that much better than, down 7 Ball State with the ball at the 9.
    The real problem came when the defense did force a stop(finally) and the offense then went 3 and out. I think IU even lost ground on the exchange of punts.

  • blask22

    Being new to IU football, I expected what most BCS schools would do to a MAC School…let them hang around for a bit and beat them badly in the 2nd half because of depth on the roster. I was dead wrong!

    The offensive scheme is great. The first series of the game we had 5-6 first downs and scored. These types of possessions are going be necessary to have a chance in the Big 10 and to keep the dreaded defense off the field.

    It usually takes a few games to implement the ‘up-tempo’ system that Kevin Wilson is installing. Growing pains are going to be part of the process. Unless Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray are walking through the door, patience is going to be necessary.

    The defense is going to take time. They simply don’t have the talent. Talent is hard to make up for on defense. I would suggest a bit more bump-and-run and bring some pressure. Without pressure Wisconsin may break the century mark against us.

    With all that being said, it’s just one game. Let’s not give up on the year just yet and get ready for Virginia.

  • Ross

    Something ate my post last night.

    The numbers say kicking would have given us a 28% chance to win, and going for it gave us a 31% chance. Now, that’s for two average NFL teams instead of two specific college teams, but it’s close enough to give the benefit of the doubt. He made the choice that exposed him to criticism where it would have been easy to hide behind The Book. Agree or disagree with the choice, you’ve got to love that.

    Totally agree that talent is the story. The physically stronger team wins unless they make mistakes. Ball State was stronger, didn’t make many mistakes, and here we sit.

  • Scott

    blask22 – So sorry to hear the phrase “I’m new to IU Football”. Feel like meeting someone at the beginning of their slow downward spiral into an addiction. There is still hope for you! Feel free to pick any of the other 11 B1G teams to root for! 😉

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