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  • I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, Scott. It is amazing the poor practice habits almost every single one of Lynch’s guys possesses. With the lack of talent IU is able to bring in on a year-to-year basis, Coach Wilson truly understands that development is the biggest key for his teams, at least in the short-term. I think this is evident in the way the Freshman are playing, while the older guys are being left behind. I’m excited to see a well-disciplined team that actually cares in the next few years, rather than this crap that is being shown this season.

  • AP

    Good article. Its interesting to look at the Lynch era and learn more about it. It defininetly seems like he was allowing several of our better players to get away with whatever they wanted.

    I really like the fact coach Wilson is getting rid of that crap. Very similar to how Dakich and Crean had to clean up our basketball program. The only thing about Wilson is he needs to do a little better PR work. Coach Crean would do well to borrow a little of Wilson’s toughness, while Wilson could use just a little of Crean’s public relations skills. Stop with the win today, and start explaining how we are building a foundation. Crean was masterful at that and it bought him 4-5 years of fans ok with a subpar team as long as we are getting better.

  • Justin F.

    I think in another couple years the IU footabll team will have a completely different look than what we have been used to for the last several seasons. For the better or worse will be the real question. I really have liked several the players that have come through the program recently under Coach Lynch (i.e. Tracy Porter, James Hardy, Greg Middleton, Ben Chappel, Demarlo Belcher, Dusty Kiel and Duwyce Wilson, etc) but I think Coach Wilson is looking for players with a significantly different attitude and higher AQ (agreesive qualities).


    kevin wilson is a joke…… and whoever wrote this article you are a joke…. demarlo belcher has been amazing at iu. his hands are some of the best i have ever seen when the ball is coming from decent quarterback…. kiel and baker are jokes. belcher is not a problem of the lynch era and from what i have seen so far, lynch would have been able to put up more than 1 win so far this season. OH WAIT BUT WILSONS RECRUITING IS SOOOO GOOD? yep so good that he lost his prized possession in gunner kiel and so good that all the other decent recruits were brought in by lynch.

    • Rob

      Hey Jerkface, your post is a joke!

      – My hands are pretty great too when the ball is thrown to me by a “decent” quarterback. Shouldn’t the best receivers do well despite having mediocre quarterbacks? Didn’t Belcher lead the team in drops last season and so far this season? But he had a whopping 4 TD’s last year so I guess we just have a different evaluation level for “the best I have ever seen”.

      – So you think Lynch would have one more win so far this season? Which game slapdick? What masterful defensive adjustment would Lynch have made to keep any of our opponents from scoring with such ease? And would having 2 wins instead of 1 right now really make you feel all that much better? Is 2-7 really that much different than 1-8 in the grand scheme of things?

      – What other decent recruits were brought in by Lynch? Kiel and Baker were brought in by Lynch but you called them “jokes”. Are these “jokes” a shining example of the “other decent recruits” that Lynch delivered for us?


  • Iu sports

    Okay jerk face? What are we? Five

    But there is no denying that belcher had nfl ability and he would be drafted if we had a semi decent qb. Roberson will be a stud but he is only a freshman. The man was about to break the all time receptions lead. And maybe he did deserve this punishment…. But I’m trying to give him the Benefit of the doubt since he has never had too much trouble in the past. Lynch was a decent recruiter, not a good coach. Never said he was a good coach. And yes he would probably have more wins this season. Wilson could lead us to being a great team but I don’t see his energy or passion yet. And TO has been up their for most drops on the nfl, he still has great hands, and makes spectacular catches…

  • footballer

    hey Rob and IU sports, you both have valid points. it hard to see a guy like belcher go when this was so sudden. To Rob, I agree that he has dropped a lot of balls but he has had those flashes of “holy crap” type ability. if he had worked to become consistent, he would have been scary good with chappel. to IU sports, yes he did have nfl ability at times. Also, i have not seen what i expected from KEvin wilson but you have to cut him some slack. He just joined a system that clearly has some flaws that need to be tended too. Wilson might be trying to do to much to soon and by doing this he could be hurting the look of the program. I believe it will help in the long run but for now it looks kind of bad. 30 or so kids quit or kicked off in one year???? By a coach that has never had this big of a role.. Take it easy killer. And to answer robs question, Lynch did bring in decent recruits. Chappel, doss, TRACY PORTER, middleton, saffold, larry black, james hardy. He was a god awful coach, I have never seen a coach blow so many leads in my life but he did recruit well and he was a players coach. He was too much of a players coach, they probably respected him because he was too easy on the team and did not demand enough. Flaws with both coaches but I really hope that Wilson can turn this all around. His football knowledge is excellent and his offensive numbers from oklahoma are mindblowing. Hopefully this will show in the coming years at IU. I know we took a loss with Gunner but Tre is surprisingly mature for his age and if his throwing game is worked on a lot during the off season he could be the next Denard, or similar. Hopefully he will be a little better passer than denard.


    oh and rob, you never talked about losing gunner kiel…..

  • Ross

    “Why was no one reporting the horrible practice habits?”
    That’s a really unsettling question, isn’t it?

    Discipline was not usually a major topic under Lynch. There were the Lewis and Kates cases, but nothing extraordinary. One possibility is that nobody realized the extent of the off-field rot under Lynch. That’s inexcusable if true, but at least it’s finally being addressed.

    The much worse possibility is that these rebellions didn’t start until Wilson arrived. Remember, we only hear Wilson’s side of the story on these matters. I still believe that he’s the right man to lead us up to sweet, sweet mediocrity, but I can’t deny that it’s a leap of faith.

  • Mike Petry

    I’m quite sure that playing for Kevin Wilson is probably not a lot of fun. And getting your ass handed to you is probably less fun. And practicing with Kevin Wilson after getting your ass handed to you is probably even less fun. I don’t think it speaks poorly of someone who’s unable to really put his head in the game under difficult circumstances. But it’s important for Kevin Wilson to segregate the people who aren’t able to keep their heads in the game.

    One thing I find interesting is how many freshmen Wilson is playing. One overlooked part of this is that instead of getting a “5th” year out of these players, Wilson probably intends on finding someone better in the next 5 4 years.

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