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  • Scott

    You HAVE to make the Big Head of yourself. And if you do, you need to post that picture here.

    Must point out, that on a podcast a few weeks back, I did mention that Roth could be a real asset for this team while Sheehy was out.

    So long as Zeller and Watford can keep teams honest in the paint, Roth & Hulls will continue to get good looks.

  • Shawn

    I will try my best on the Big Head.

    Agree that Roth has been a key contributor with Sheehey out. Against teams like Penn State that don’t defend the three well, he is lethal.

  • eric

    Sure he had 3 TO’s, but he also had 6 assists in 18 minutes and was ~50% from the field. Not sure that makes VJIII “the most frustrating player to watch.” W/O VJII, we have a couple more losses this year.

  • robert lindsey

    Really frustrating to watch was so KIND!!! Get’s beat over and over on defense, makes horrible passes even when not a TO, doesn’t feed the post well, and can’t hit freethrows at the end of games consistently. Dribbles with his head down so as to never be able to see the open man. I could go on and on and should but let’s go the other way and say what he is adequate at. He is a very good pull up jump shooter.

  • robkimmell

    Regarding the game of horse: Hulls vs Roth? I’d pick Roth. Fisch seemed to lean twd Roth on this question while chatting with Dakich after the PSU game. But the question went a little further: They compared Roth to some of the best pure shooters IU has seen … from behind the arc. They had a hard time thinking of anyone better than Roth. Alford has to be in that conversation, though. What an exciting, multidimensional team we have, though, huh? I love to love these Hoosiers!

  • Don Wagner

    In Sarasota the group that watch the Hoosiers together…definitely agree that Jones is so frustrating, at times out of control, doesnt hit free thros… he does shoot well, but he is not th “go to guy” on the team..maybe third or fourth option…

  • Rick

    Gotta think Roth would win at HORSE based on shot difficulty – 30 footers. Hulls would win on consistency from just behind the line.

  • Shawn

    @eric- I say Verdell is the “most frustrating player to watch” because, even though he seems to have understood his role on this team really well this year, he still has those dumb turnovers or charges that drive, us fans, up a wall. Like against Penn State when Hulls had knocked down 4 threes in a row and then Verdell had it on the break twice without dishing it to the hot hand (Hulls). One time he forced a pull-up jumper and the next he charged. I agree Verdell gets too much of the blame most of the time from IU fans but watching him try to do too much when he doesn’t have to anymore is frustrating to me.

    As far as the HORSE game would go, I would have to go with Hulls. I think Roth has more range but Hulls already displayed he can hit a left-handed three in a GAME. I am sure he has got some creative trick shots he could pull off.

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