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  • One large difference between “The Movement” and “Cavalry is Coming” is that IU’s now put back to back to back solid recruiting classes together. The problem with calling for patience because “The Cavalry is Coming” is that they never came, or if they did, they never were any good.

    One great advantage to Crean’s perpetual oversigning is that their will always be a depth of highly rated recruits. This will help the team whether a few guys flaming out as well as provide motivation for continual development.

    • Based on the responses here, I am already amused by the fanbase’s inevitable reactions to the further upcoming on-court disappointments directly related to our coach’s noteworthy lack of strategic acumen.

      • CrimsonFags

        Fuck right off with your holier than thou -on the bandwagon then off the bandwagon attitude. Are you the asshole that runs all the negative twitter garbage too? CrimsonCast blows. Go report for Purdue or something.

  • Tyler

    I think that taking those first games of the season from Perea and Jurkin really hurt their development. They didn’t get a chance to get a feel for playing in a college game until just before Big 10 play, and at that point it’s too late to get them acclimated to the college game.

  • Deenyo

    Quite possibly the dumbest article about IU basketball since…ever. Are you actually asking questions like why freshman who barely averaged over 5 minutes per game didn’t come up big for us in the tourney? The only freshman that it is fair to analyze in the tourney is Yogi – and I will bet you a million dollars you were slurping him when he started us off on a 12-0 run against JMU.

    Im confused as to which sophomores (plural) you are referring to besides Zeller…Remy? If so, you might be the only one on the planet who had super high expectations for Remy Abel coming in – Except for maybe Remy himself… Austin Etherington was injured for the majority of the season so its not fair to include him in the conversation. So who do you have a problem with? Raphael Smith?

    My least favorite line of the article…”Let that sink in for a minute – In our last 2 games our freshman and sophomores accounted for 30 points total, or 15 points a game” …Let this sink in for a minute buddy – we had 1 freshman and 1 sophomore play more than 10 minutes a game ALL SEASON.

    Thank you so much for the graphs too – no one has ever pointed out to me that bench players get more minutes at the beginning of the season when we are mostly playing against teams that barely qualify as Division 1. What a novel concept. I wonder if more teams will start doing that…

    #TheMovement was about going from 6-25, 10-21, and 12-20 seasons to back-to-back sweet 16s without having to kid ourselves that we are top of the middle of the pack with that NIT garbage in between.

    Big thanks to #TheMovement for being one of the most lovable, fun to watch IU teams in a while.

    CrimsonCast, give me your press pass next season. I think you should sit the next couple of plays out and think about reserving your judgement until the kids actually get a chance to play. Someone take the panic button away from this kid…

    • bandwagonBrandon

      Agreed with all of this^

      #themovement is 25% through with their collegiate careers so its fair to see if they lived up to the hype? How about they are 25% through and already have a Big 10 championship!

      Article also doesn’t point out what Oladipos unimpressive freshman stats were but CrimsonCast would probably have had Victor’s babies this season if asked

      Sure people said “just wait until next years recruiting class.” But many alums that didn’t just hop back on the bandwagon this season, like the article author, also said “wait until this kid gets another year of experience under their belt” for just about every player that gets minutes

      Not the first team to have a great season and go on to play like crap in march. This article belongs in a trash can

  • Twitterthugga

    Got to call bullshit that anyone told you to wait for #themovement after the Watford signing. Or anytime before the Zeller signing. Just because you are an alum does not mean you speak for Indiana fans

  • Crimsonbitch

    First year #themovement is on the scene and they won the Big 10. You must be a genuinely unsatisfied person if that’s not enough for you. #themovement is about not losing every Big10 game and rushing the court after just barely defeating an unranked team in double OT. If you want to expect and demand every freshman class win a national championship get off the IU bandwagon and follow Kentucky. Maybe banging a relative will keep you from writing this trash.