Michael Rayome (@doctorhoosier)

The Hoosier Hurryup: Penn State preview (10-9-15)0

Let’s talk Nittany Lions. Join your hosts Mike Petry and Michael Rayome for three quarters of an hour on:

  • Matt Hasselbeck’s flu game
  • Mixed emotions about the OSU game
  • Is IU too conservative offensively?
  • Is Penn State overrated? (Spoilers! Probably.)

Hear Michael fight through a Dayquil-induced haze as he tries to approach giving you a reasonable score prediction, and get Mike Petry’s thoughts on Indiana’s offensive line.

It’s a good one folks — don’t miss it.

Calling our shots – IU vs MSU0

Happy Homecoming! Your Hoosiers are locked in a nationally televised match up with a powerful team in Michigan State. How will they fare? Your CrimsonCast crew has weighed in below.

Mike Petry: IU leads early but can’t sustain it. tMSU 38 Indiana 17

Scott Caufield: This weekend is not going to be pretty. I think we see MSU win 48 – 17, with most of our points coming in garbage time.

I will also put a over/under of 500 of the number of people in the student section with 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter. I will also take the under.

Galen Clavio:

Michael Rayome:

This MSU team isn’t unbeatable – they’re ranked 27th in FEI+ both offensively and defensively. The Hoosiers have, individually, faced better teams on both sides of the ball. However, they’re not weak in any particular area, and are generally just solid.

Don’t believe the narrative that this MSU team is just a defense – they’re actually a top ten passing offense nationwide. They can sling it.

Still, their defense is remarkable. It’s the sixth best rushing D in the country according to S&P+ (Football Outsiders). I’m afraid that this is the week Coleman’s 100 yard rushing streak comes to an end with an inefficient but solid 80 yard, 1 TD day.

This one’s likely to get out of hand early. MSU 42 – Indiana 20. Just hopeful that Zander shows some promise – this team can still win some games, but this won’t be one of them.

ICYMI: Hoosier Hurry-up – Iowa Pre-game0

Calling our shots – IU vs Iowa staff score predictions0

Your Hoosiers have a huge game this weekend in Iowa City as they take on the Hawkeyes. Can the boys in red break the cycle of .500 football that has plagued them to date?

Here are your predictions from the CrimsonCast crew.

Scott: Anything is a guess with his team. I’ll say Iowa 38 – Indiana 28

Galen: I’ll go with Iowa 24, Indiana 21. Infuriating game for a number of reasons, but a better showing than we are used to on the road.

Mike Petry: I’m sticking with what I said on Podcast. 28-24 IOWA.

Michael Rayome: As I mentioned on this week’s Hoosier Hurry-up, this game isn’t a great matchup for Indiana. I expect Iowa to grind out 15 play drives, making this one the shortest game of the IU season to date. Indiana should still get a good day from Tevin Coleman, but I think the Hoosiers run out of time to make a comeback in this one. 24-21 Iowa.

It’s worth noting that the last time every CrimsonCast writer chose against the Hoosiers, they beat Missouri. Just throwing that out there.

Once the game’s over, make sure to join us for CrimsonCast Rewind on Sunday. Tuesday, expect another live edition of the Hoosier Hurry-up. We’ll join you at 9:15 ET – keep an eye on @doctorhoosier’s timeline for the link.