Crimson Cast

Bracket Update – 02.24.18 pregame0

Here’s the bracket update from right before the start of the Saturday games. Only one at large change in the field, as Providence slid off the bubble and Marquette took their place.

Last Four In: Texas, Syracuse, LSU, Marquette

First Four Out: Providence, Utah, USC, Temple

Bracket Update – 02.19.180

The games are all done for the weekend, and so here’s where we stand heading into next week. I went through and scrubbed some lines, and re-evaluated my stance on a few teams, which is why you see a decent amount of shuffling in this bracket from the previous one. I also decided to move UCLA out of the field and bring LSU in as the last at-large, and move Baylor (barely) into the safe part of the field and drop Providence into the last four in.

Cincinnati’s loss to Wichita State brought the two teams closer, with Wichita now on the 4 line and Cincinnati on the 3. Duke’s victory over Clemson gives them a much-needed tier-1 win and moves them ahead of Purdue, but that’s just a selection thing and not a seeding thing, since both are on the 2 line as of now.

Florida State drops a bit in this projection, but even here as a 6 seed, they’re still higher in my bracket than what you see in the Bracket Matrix average. I am not sure why everyone else has them rated so low. It’s the opposite situation with Arkansas — they are a consensus 8 seed in Bracket Matrix, but I had them as an 11 in the last bracket, and a 10 in this one, and it’s hard to see the argument for moving them much beyond that.

Lots of games left! Lots of time for things to switch around.

So here’s where we stand:

Last Four In: Providence, Texas, Syracuse, LSU

First Four Out: UCLA, USC, Utah, Temple

Bracket update – 2/18/18 Before the Games0

Here’s the post-Saturday, pre-Sunday bracket update. I will have another update after today’s slate of games.

Last Four In: Baylor, Texas, Syracuse, UCLA

First Four our: Utah, Temple, Louisville, USC

Others in consideration: Penn State, Washington, Marquette, Nebraska

Because of how the play-in games have to be set in this version of the bracket, two teams (New Mexico State and Middle Tennessee) got elevated up a seed line.


1 Virginia
1 Villanova
1 Xavier
1 Kansas
2 Texas Tech
2 North Carolina
2 Cincinnati
2 Purdue
3 Auburn
3 Duke
3 Michigan State
3 Arizona
4 Clemson
4 West Virginia
4 Tennessee
4 Gonzaga
5 Wichita State
5 Ohio State
5 Florida State
5 Nevada
6 Rhode Island
6 Creighton
6 Kentucky
6 Texas A&M
7 Florida
7 Missouri
7 Oklahoma
8 Alabama
8 Butler
8 Arizona State
8 Michigan
9 Miami
9 Houston
9 Seton Hall
9 St. Mary’s
10 Virginia Tech
10 North Carolina State
10 Kansas State
10 Providence
11 St. Bonaventure
11 Arkansas
12 Baylor
12 Texas
12 Syracuse
11 New Mexico State
12 Vermont
12 Loyola-Chicago
13 Louisiana
13 Murray State
13 Montana
14 South Dakota State
14 Buffalo
14 UC Santa Barbara
14 Bucknell
15 Rider
15 Florida Gulf Coast
15 Charleston
15 Winthrop
16 Wright State
16 Pennsylvania
16 Wagner
16 Nicholls State
16 Savannah State
16 Southern

Bracketology 02.11.180

Time to fire the bracketology machine up once again. Here’s the field, first in bracket form, then in seed form. Last 4 in/out are below that.

I made some alterations to my very first bracket (from yesterday, which I did not post), taking into account both the selection committee’s published “Top 16”, and accounting for the implications that I felt like those seedings had on the field’s composition and seeding.

Biggest changes — Temple got back into my field, St. Bonaventure barely beat out Syracuse and USC, and Texas A&M’s stock rose quite a bit (while Michigan and Texas saw their stock fall).


1 Virginia
1 Villanova
1 Xavier
1 Purdue
2 Auburn
2 Kansas
2 Duke
2 Cincinnati
3 Clemson
3 Texas Tech
3 Michigan State
3 North Carolina
4 Tennessee
4 Ohio State
4 Arizona
4 Oklahoma
5 West Virginia
5 Gonzaga
5 Creighton
5 Wichita State
6 Texas A&M
6 Florida
6 Rhode Island
6 Kentucky
7 Nevada
7 Butler
7 Miami
8 Florida State
8 Arizona State
8 St. Mary’s
8 Seton Hall
9 Middle Tennessee
9 Missouri
9 Michigan
9 Alabama
10 Virginia Tech
10 New Mexico State
10 Houston
10 Texas
11 Kansas State
11 Providence
11 North Carolina State
11 Louisville
11 Baylor
12 Arkansas
12 Temple
12 St. Bonaventure
12 Loyola-Chicago
12 Vermont
13 Louisiana
13 Buffalo
13 Rider
14 South Dakota State
14 Charleston
14 UC Santa Barbara
14 Montana
15 Murray State
15 Northern Kentucky
15 Bucknell
15 Wagner
16 UNC-Asheville
16 Florida Gulf Coast
16 Penn
16 Nicholls State
16 North Carolina A&T
16 Arkansas Pine Bluff

Last 4 in: Louisville, Baylor, Temple, St. Bonaventure

First 4 out: Syracuse, USC, Washington, Marquette