Bracket Racket 03.27.130

We taped this a couple days ago, but it’s still fresh! We look at the coaching vacancies out there in college hoops, recap the first two rounds of the tournament, and preview the Sweet 16. All that and more on this episode of the Bracket Racket!

Bracket Report – FINAL EDITION1

For the final CrimsonCast/HoopsHD bracket report, the Bracket Racket and HoopsHD folks got together and did it committee-style. The seedings and placements are a bit different from what I’ve been posting, but that’s due to other voices being in the room. This bracket is the official submission to the Bracket Matrix this year, a site you should absolutely visit (and love) if you have any interest in Bracketology.

Here is the final bracket:



Last Four In: Boise State, MTSU, St. Mary’s, Kentucky

Some individual notes:

  • Louisville ends up as the #1 overall seed in this projection, while Indiana is #2, Gonzaga is #3, and Miami is #4. Louisville barely beats out Indiana, thanks to near-identical RPI Top 100 records, better non-conference SOS, and slightly better power ratings across the board.
  • Why Miami as a 1 seed? It was a close competition between the Hurricanes, Duke, and Kansas. Miami sweeping ACC honors puts them ahead of Duke. Kansas/Miami is a hard one to crack, but the committee ultimately valued Miami’s overall resume just slightly more.
  • North Carolina gets the expected “conference tournament run” boost into a 5 seed.
  • UCLA slides slightly due to the Jordan Adams injury.


Bracket Report 03.17.130

A very late night bracket. Quite a bit of scrubbing and shuffling. Updates and information below the bracket. This is the second-to-last bracket of the process for us:



  • Last Four In: Tennessee, MTSU, La Salle, Baylor
  • The big debate over IU or Louisville should already be settled by now in the eyes of the committee. I’ve gone with IU because of slightly better resume points in areas that I think the committee will value (i.e., Regular Season Big Ten title, road wins vs quality teams, conference SOS). Either way, Louisville and IU are getting 1 seeds, so perhaps it doesn’t matter.
  • Gonzaga is in trouble for a 1 seed, despite what the pundits say. They’re not “a lock” by any means, due to a lack of wins.
  • North Carolina is going to get overseeded. Their resume belongs to an 11 seed, but they are probably getting a 6 or better, due to their ACC tournament performance.
  • The last at-large spot is rotating right now between Baylor, Kentucky, and St. Mary’s. I liked Baylor this time around due to their wins. The biggest issue for the Bears is their low RPI, but that’s really it — they even own a win over Kentucky at full strength. This spot will be revisited once more before the selection show.


Bracket Report – Midday 03.16.130

Some changes. Duke drops off the 1 line, and Miami moves into a 2 seed. IU maintains the 1 seed in the midwest, but that is a tenuous grasp at best with Louisville playing Syracuse tonight. At-larges are still the same. Mistakes from earlier have been (hopefully) corrected.


Bracket Report 03.16.132

Here’s the bracket update for just before the start of today’s games. Louisville has pushed ahead of Duke, and IU is back in the #1 overall spot. Also, Kentucky and Baylor are both out of the bracket, and St. Mary’s has moved back in: