IUFB Talk with Ken Bikoff0

CC-Podcast-Logo---Agu-2014On this episode of CrimsonCast, Scott is joined by Ken Bikoff (@kbikoff) from Peegs to talk about IU Football, and what lies ahead for them in B1G play.  They talk about the rash of recent off the field issues for both the IU Football and Basketball team and try to find a root cause.  Finally they discuss what the Hoosiers could do in B1G play, and more importantly what they need to do.

Fun behind the scenes game.  In the last 1/3 of this podcast, I don’t mention it, but I end up watching my neighbor take all my mail out of my mailbox (including a package), walk to his house, check the address on the first letter, walk back and put it in my box.  Only to take everything back to his door, check the address again, then finally put everything back into my mailbox, one by one.  Very bizarre.  So for a few seconds there I was paying attending to that.  Can you find that moment in the podcast?  Winner gets my junk mail for the next week!

Go Hoosiers!