CrimsonCast LIVE

CrimsonCast Live – July 17 20170

On this emergency edition of CrimsonCast Live, we delve into the sudden recruiting successes of the last 24 hours, and discuss how the perspective around IU basketball has changed so rapidly. We also talk about what to expect moving forward with IU recruiting, and what we might expect from Archie Miller and company when it comes to future targets. We also delve into IU football a bit, and talk about the lead-in to the 2017 season.

CrimsonCast Live 2/16/141

CC Header Trial - BrightToday’s show found us picking ourselves up off the floor following the flattening administered by Purdue on Saturday. With IU basketball now 4-8 in the conference and seemingly out of tournament contention, we talk about the core issues plaguing the squad. We also take Twitter questions and comments, and discuss the prognosis for the rest of this year and the potential issues facing next year’s team.