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CrimsonCast – Special Announcement0

We’d like to thank all of you loyal listeners and readers that have stuck with us over the past 9 years.

Today is a great day to let you know that CrimsonCast is moving to a new home, starting later this month!

We’re very pleased to announce a partnership with TheHoosier.com, which will be the new home of CrimsonCast’s podcasts on IU football and IU basketball. Our thanks to Stu Coman and the rest of the crew for making this move a possibility, and we’re looking forward to working with everyone.

You can listen to some more of the details in this short podcast. Stay tuned to the Twitter feed for more info on where to find our next podcast. And let us know if you’ve got any questions.

CrimsonCast 08.05.17 – GameDay!0

College GameDay coming to Bloomington still seems like some sort of weird IU fanfic instead of a real thing, but it’s happening, and we’re pretty excited about it. We talk about what it means for the football program, how the teams might react, and what we can expect as far as ESPN’s stage setup is concerned.

CrimsonCast Live – July 17 20170

On this emergency edition of CrimsonCast Live, we delve into the sudden recruiting successes of the last 24 hours, and discuss how the perspective around IU basketball has changed so rapidly. We also talk about what to expect moving forward with IU recruiting, and what we might expect from Archie Miller and company when it comes to future targets. We also delve into IU football a bit, and talk about the lead-in to the 2017 season.

CrimsonCast 3.25.17 – Travis from Hammer and Rails0

Scott reaches out across the aisle and is joined by Travis from Hammer and Rails to discuss how the Purdue community viewed the Tom Crean era, his firing and their views on Archie Miller.  Learn why much of the Purdue fanbase was eager to see us hire Steve Alford.  They also talk about the Matt Painter era at Purdue, where Purdue is going from here and a long range view of the B1G over the next 5-10 years.


CrimsonCast 3.25.17 – Miller High Life1

Galen and Scott host a giddy CrimsonCast as we break down the Archie Miller hire, evaluate the now-completed IU basketball coaching search, and answer a cavalcade of listener questions. This podcast is obscenely long and we don’t care. Hope you enjoy it.

CrimsonCast 3.21.17 – Mike Miller0

We’re joined by Bloomington Herald-Times beat writer Mike Miller, as we talk about the Crean era at IU. Mike talks about his experiences on the beat covering Crean, the disconnect between the coach’s plan and the execution of that plan, and what lasting impact Crean had on the program. We also get into the coaching search, talk about some candidates, and discuss what a new coach could do to bridge the gap between the basketball program and the fan base.

CrimsonCast 03.20.17 – Dustin Dopirak0

The Tom Crean era went for nine years at Indiana, and Dustin Dopirak was the Bloomington Herald-Times beat writer during the heart of that era. He joins us on this episode of CrimsonCast to talk about his perspective on covering Crean at IU, the struggles the program had under Crean with putting the finishing touches on a return to national prominence, and the direction that IU and Fred Glass might chart moving forward. We also talk about potential coaching candidates, including an in-depth conversation on the profiles of Steve Alford and Tony Bennett.

CrimsonCast 3.19.17 – Chronic Hoosier1

CrimsonCast and Hoosier Chronicles unite! Galen and Chronic Hoosier sit down for a wide-ranging conversation about IU basketball, deep-diving into the Crean era, the national position of IU basketball, Indiana fandom, and what direction IU will (or should) go for a new coach.

CrimsonCast 3.18.17 B – Alex McCarthy0

When the IU coaching job is open, we have to talk about it with the people who know it. Our guest on this podcast is Alex McCarthy, former writer for 24/7 and Inside Indiana, as he gives his thoughts on Tom Crean, the Tom Crean era, and what’s next for Indiana basketball.

CrimsonCast 3.18.17 – Sam Beishuizen of TheHoosier.com0

Galen is joined by Sam Beishuizen of TheHoosier.com to talk about his reaction to the firing of Tom Crean. Sam gives us his post-mortem on the Crean era, and we discuss what might have gone wrong to lead to the firing this week. We also talk about the coaching search for Indiana, what we think the IU athletic department is looking for, and when we might hear word about the new coach.