As college sports fans, we’ve found the following pages and links to be of inestimable help to learning about the game:

Other Websites

  • Peegs – Your source for all Indiana University coverage
  • Basketball Prospectus – Some of the best college hoops analysis on the planet
  • Doug Yeskie’s IU Stats – Easily the best repository for IU stats out there
  • – Pomeroy statistics. Tempo-free. Learn and appreciate
  • Btown Banners – Looks at Player’s Values when on the court.  Unlike anything other stats on the Internet
  • Rush The Court – Ace
  • Vigilant Sports – Good IU and Indiana sport perspectives
  • Hoosier Chronicles – You know ChronicHoosier? His excellent and sadly under-updated blog is here
  • IUSportCom – Student Sport Media for the 21st Century, located at Indiana University
  • Hysterical Hoosiers – A website dedicated to the IU Student Section. They personalize chants towards rival teams, and get the entire student section to chant them during the game.

More coming soon!