The Recap – Savannah State at IU0


Indiana’s early-season home stretch ended with a game against Savannah State on this past Saturday night. The Hoosiers enter the game having scored over 80 points in four straight games and six of their first seven. They are ranked 6th in the nation in points per game and first in the B1G. The Hoosiers have been dominating from the three-point line as well, shooting 43% and making 9.3 three-point field goals per game. Savannah State came into the game as one of the worst teams in the nation when it comes to turnovers.


The Hoosiers got off to a slow start but ramped things up quickly. The two teams exchanged points until Indiana lead 12-9. IU went on to end the half on a 31-8 run, finishing the half leading 43-17. The Hoosiers must have been eating at Burger King lately because they were having it their way. They shot 50% from the field and 6-14 from three-point land. They also outrebounded the Tigers 23-13. Junior Yogi Ferrell led the scoring with 11 points, followed by freshman James Blackmon Jr. with 8. Indiana’s bench contributed thirteen points, continuing with the theme of consistency this year.

The Hoosiers handled the second half fairly easily. They opened up the half on a 23-10 run before they started to play their bench. They played 14 players throughout the game, the most they have played all season. The bench wound up with 22 points in the second half. The Hoosiers shot 57% for the night and scored a whopping 52 points in the second half, exceeding their season average for points per game (87.4) by putting up 95. Blackmon and Ferrell ended the night with 18 before they were given their seats on the bench. Savannah State came into the night knowing they were in for a tough game and were able to gain some experience for their players and some money for their school. Final score, 95-49.


That makes it two games in a row IU handled their business without any major hiccups, no injuries, and no blown leads. The Hoosiers could be undefeated on the season if it weren’t for the late collapse against Eastern Washington. This sets up the Hoosiers for their big game against Louisville on Tuesday night, providing them with their first true test of the season. If you would’ve asked me if the Hoosiers had any chance of beating Louisville away from Assembly Hall at the beginning of the season I would’ve gave them no chance, but they’ve changed my mind with their recent performances. I’ll be glued to my couch, eyes fixed on the mounted 60” in my apartment Tuesday night as my teacher calls out my name for roll (Sorry professor!).

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