Michael Rayome (@doctorhoosier)

Yes, that just happened. Indiana defeats Missouri 31-270

In a shock result today, Indiana comes out with an absolute gut-check of a win against Missouri.

Indiana’s two-minute offense came up with magic. An injured Tevin Coleman had his Willis Reed moment, coming back from a mysterious first-half injury to make some game-changing plays. D’Angelo Roberts capped the drive with a dive into the end zone, and the defense held for :22 seconds (and an extra play).

Just an unbelievable result for Indiana, and a game that changes the trajectory of this season.

We’ll have all your coverage of the game this week here at CrimsonCast. Join us tomorrow for coverage of the victory with CrimsonCast Live with Galen Clavio and Scott Caufield, and expect to hear from the Hoosier Hurry-Up on Tuesday.